The choices made by a select few impact the lives of all New Jerseyans even if it doesn't feel that way in the day to day lives of most. Politicians like it this way, a lack of accountability allows them to build long careers regardless of their performance. This is not the way our government was meant to operate. If elected I promise I will be transparent and accountable, and work tirelessly to make New Jersey a better place to live, to work, and to raise a family.


Property Taxes

New Jersey's highest in the nation property tax rate is a burden on every homeowner, especially our seniors.  These rates also prevent young people from purchasing their first home.

  • Cut New Jersey's highest in the nation property tax rate 

  • Locate and implement cost savings through consolidation to lower administrative costs and data-driven solutions to optimize government spending efficiencies 

  • Ensure new revenue streams, like legalized marijuana, are not treated as a blank check used to increase spending but rather go towards reducing the property tax burden on our residents


New Jersey's parents deserve the right to determine the best educational opportunity for their children.  We need to put our children first and start measuring education in terms of outcomes achieved, not dollars spent.​

  • Facilitate innovation in education.  Had we previously taken this approach there would have been educators who could have advised the government on remote learning at the start of the pandemic, instead of the mad dash disaster we had on our hands when we were forced to adopt a new way

  • Reward educator excellence to attract top talent to New Jersey's schools

  • Increase dual enrollments, enabling students to earn college credits or technical certifications in high school

Accountability and Transparency

Accountability and transparency are essential to a well-functioning government

  • Ensure context and reasoning for each vote is provided to the voters of New Jersey

  • Provide regular updates to constituents to keep them informed of how we are working to improve New Jersey

Bill Simplification

Hold public officials accountable through increased awareness of the citizenry

  • Require all bills to be posted online with an accompanying bill written at a 8th grade reading level, to ensure bills are read and understood  by both voters and representatives

  • Enforce a limit of one issue per bill 

Term Limits

Holding office is a public service, not a career.  We need fresh ideas and fresh faces

  • Introduce term limits

  • Require votes of yes/no on all bills

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Paid for by Pachuta for Assembly 
PO Box 9003, Hamilton, NJ 08650

Paid for by Pachuta for Assembly 
PO Box 9003, Hamilton, NJ 08650