As a child growing up in Hamilton, I watched my mom raise three children as a single mother.  I watched her go back to school, at age 50, to become a nurse, to continue to support herself and her three children.  Watching my mom do these things taught me two important lessons: the value of hard work and the importance of service. 

These two lessons greatly influenced me throughout my life.  Beginning with my decision, at age 18, to enlist in the U.S. Air Force.  I served for four years, first as an aircraft maintainer on the C-17 Globemaster and later as a shift supervisor in a specialized maintenance shop.  My time in the military included a deployment to Qatar to support Operations Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom. 

Upon returning home from the service, I studied for three years at Rider University, graduating Magna Cum Laude with a degree in Economics and Finance.  I later returned to school, earning a Master of Business Administration from Villanova University.

Currently I am a consultant, advising clients on solutions to critical business issues in the pharmaceutical and biotech space.  I do this with a strong belief that what is good for the business and what is good for the patient are not mutually exclusive.

My time in the Air Force is where I learned to be a leader.  My time at Rider gave me an understanding of economic theory.  My MBA helped me continue to refine my strategic mindset.  My consulting experience has helped me put that strategic thinking into action in real world scenarios.  I believe these experiences are a great foundation for continued service, this time as a Representative from New Jersey’s 14th District. 

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